Title Insurance

We have the most highly trained Title Examiners in the industry to provide you with the most complete and accurate title policies. We are continually training to be on top of the industry and be a step ahead of all the rest. We provide the following title search options.

  • Owner's Policy - When acquiring property through a Real Estate Agency or a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) it is essential to protect yourself from liens, judgments or encumbrances that may run with the property. The Owner's Policy is based on the purchase price or current value of the real estate being transferred. This is the best way to give you peace of mind and maximum protection in the event of a claim against your property.

  • Loan Policy - Used by lenders to cover the outstanding balance on the mortgage or lien they are placing against the property.

Letter Reports (Title Searches)

A letter report provides the current vesting information for the owner, legal description, tax information, and discloses any outstanding mortgages, liens and judgments. We examine the public record maintained by public officials, including the Register of Deeds, the County Treasurer, the Secretary of State, the Clerk of Circuit Courts, and the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. A letter report is for informational purposes only and is not a form of insurance coverage.

Closing Services

Once all of the terms and conditions of the real estate sales contract or lender's conditions have been met, the real estate transaction may be “closed”. Closings can take place at the offices of the lender, the buyer or seller’s attorney or broker, or at the title company. Northern Title & Abstract Corp. is responsible for hundreds of closings each year, and combines many years of experience together with the latest technology to the closing table.

Construction Disbursing

Nothing slows a construction project - or a closing - like late payments to subcontractors, contractors and suppliers. That’s why you should entrust the management of construction draws to Northern Title & Abstract Corp., we understand the intricacies of construction draws. Our role? Ensuring interested parties get paid and you bring closure to your construction project.

We provide services to facilitate disbursement of loan funds to a contractor and/or sub-contractors as outlined in the disbursement agreement between the lender, owner, and contractor. Includes search of title prior to each draw and collection of lien waivers.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

Taking their name from Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code, these exchanges sometimes also referred to as 'like-kind' or 'starker' exchanges provide investors with tax strategies for keeping value in a portfolio, by deferring capital gains taxes that would otherwise be incurred on the sale of investment property. We can assist in setting up and completing this process.